My name is Alexis Anne Windsor, but my stage-name is “Lexi Windsor.” 
I was born on September 30th, in the small town of Chickasha, Oklahoma.
As a child, my first dance studio was in my backyard. It was owned and operated by my parents, both musical theatre performers, dance instructors & drama majors! Their love of the theatre was greatly influential; they taught me a balance of technique as well as appreciation for the art.
When I was eight years-old, my mother caught me alone in the dance studio dressed in a costume and singing the “Good Ship Lollipop” to myself in the mirror. Soon after, she enrolled me in acting and voice lessons.
I continued to dance, sing, and act throughout high school. I went to college for a musical theatre degree, moved to NYC, and joined Actor’s Equity Association.
I returned to Oklahoma in 2005 for, what was meant to be, a short visit. There, I was asked to join the faculty at the University of Oklahoma, teaching dance in the Weizenhoffer Department of Musical Theatre for the 2005-2006 academic school year. Thus, my quick visit became a year and-a-half stay in Oklahoma, enjoying teaching and the company of my amazing family. Although teaching was a wonderful experience, I missed performing and the life onstage.
In February of 2007 I returned to New York City to further my career.

Currently, I live in New York City pursuing the dream!  
…and since, I’ve performed with venues all over the city including Spirit Cruises, The Duplex, ROBERT, Waltz-Astoria, FAO Schwarz, Theatre Bar, The Ziegfeld Society, & two Off-Off Broadway productions, both nominated for New York Innovative Theatre Awards.  I’ve also recorded an album with Christine Ebersole & Howard McGillin for the new musical MR. CONFIDENTIAL, & I’m currently originating the role of Charlene in the NYC workshops of the new Off-Broadway musical NAB-A-DATE.

But the joy that’s been taking up most of my time…
Singing & dancing for troops & veterans!  …carrying on in my father’s footsteps, who was also a USO performer in the 1950’s.  I have performed with the groups, AMERICAN BOMBSHELLS as “Lolly” & the USO LIBERTY BELLS!  I have had the privilege to do shows with & meet Stephen Colbert, Donald Trump, James Gandolfini, Paris Hilton, Daniel Radcliff, Pat Boone, Jon Voight, Tony Curtis, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Brian Williams, Adrian Cronauer, Joan Jett, Billy Crudup, Gina Gershon, Nigel Barker, Michael Imperioli, Tony Sirico, Tony Lo Bianco, Michael Irvin, Tony Dorsett, Jets head-coach Rex Ryan, USA Cheerleaders, Jets Cheerleaders, Knicks City Dancers, Run DMC, members of Trick Pony, Steve Azar, supermodels Carol Alt and Karolina Kurkova, Miss Universe, multiple Miss USA’s, Kyra Phillips, Lester Holt, Liz Clamon, The Roastmaster General – Jeffrey Ross, & multiple four-star generals.  I have enjoyed stuffing care-packages with Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen at The Pentagon, & was extremely honored to be a part of the USS NEW YORK’s commissioning ceremony with Hillary Clinton.  I have performed on FOX & FRIENDS multiple times, & also performed for President Barack Obama’s MTV Inaugural Ball in 2009.  I had a blast opening for Taylor Swift for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2009!  And there was nothing quite like performing live at NASCAR, for 80,000 people, and meeting ALL the drivers, including Jeff Gordon, on ESPN!  However, one of the biggest highlights was meeting George W. Bush at the BGC Charity Day, where they raised over $12 million for ten amazing charities including “The Wounded Warriors Project” and “Homes For Heroes.”
I am very proud to use my gifts & passion to brighten the spirits of the military & their families!

Nonetheless, I love performing, and for now, I’ll just keep following my heart.

Thanks for dropping by!!!


Glitter Names

…the real “Lexi Windsor”


  1. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, surrounded by Cowboys & Indians
  2. Classical music in the morning, Pop/Rock in the afternoon, & Jazz in the evening
  3. I love Haribo Gummi bears, especially the green ones
  4. All the family Maltese dogs have candy names
  5. Sun sign = Lazy Libra, Moon sign = Sexy Scorpio
  6. I love thunder claps, rainy days, & “SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN”
  7. I have over two dozen pairs of black boots
  8. I get very excited to travel, especially to Europe!
  9. I enjoy going to museums – filling up on culture, history, & art
  10. I can’t get enough of:  Mexican food & Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate Frozen Yogurt
  11. I drive an old red convertible, “Boomer Sooner Roxy Hart”
  12. I love the sounds of: train whistles, church bells, wind chimes & waking up to my dad playing the piano
  13. Favorite Holidays:  Valentine’s Day & Christmas
  14. The colors pink, red, & green make me happy!
  15. I know & can sing over 150 Jazz standards
  16. Favorite Bar:  THE WINDSOR BAR
  17. I’ve had the same hairdresser for over 10 years
  18. I love middle names, nick-names, pet names, & terms of endearment
  19. I enjoy going to the firing range with my grandfather’s “Police 38 Special”
  20. I’m obsessed with perfume & want my own someday
  21. If I was a flower, I’d be:  “Bird of Paradise”
  22. I’m fascinated with the way light is revealed through colored glass
  23. I love shopping everything from thrift stores to 5th Avenue
  24. Favorite book:  THE LITTLE PRINCE
  25. I’m curious, a stargazer, & a dreamer…
  26. I believe there really is something to: “It’s better to give, than receive.”
  27. I believe in LOVE! ♥